Parent Information System

Parent Information System

     We have an online support desk facility for you to communicate any issues or queries with the school. You can avail this facility by logging in to MIS Connect via our website .

     We encourage all parents to communicate to school via support desk only. Alternatively, you can mail us your queries on [email protected] by using the email ID provided by the school. It becomes difficult for us to trace the details of students if mails are sent from personal email accounts. Hence, we strongly request you to use support desk for all communications.


MIS Connect

What is MIS Connect?

     MIS Connect is a safe and secured database of school documents that reaches out to parents via internet with just a few clicks. With this information system, parents stay updated with current events, school documents and happenings in the school. Portal also allows each parent to have separate access to school and their student’s information.

What is Parent Portal?

     MIS Believes that parents & guardians are a key factor in their child’s educational and academic success. Therefore, they should be well informed about all events and publications related to the school and child in a timely and quick manner. Parent Portal is an online tool created for parents to access Manchester International School documents instantly via internet by entering secured information. It gives access to parents who can login using username and password.  

What is included in Parents Portal?

It gives you the details about school related documents for e.g.

  • Handbook: A curriculum handbook for parents describing cbse syllabus framework of Approaches to Teaching & Learning
  • Curriculum: Scope and Sequence documents showing strands & learning outcomes covered in each subject area, grade wise
  • Newsletter: Newsletter giving information to parents about weekly and monthly activities
  • Documents: Readings and General publications from the board
  • Timetable: A glimpse of class schedules and timetables
  • Menu: School cafeteria’s monthly menu
  • Calendar : Schools yearly calendar showing important dates, functions and holidays
  • Report Card: (coming soon). This section allows parent to view individual semester report of the child
  • Policies: Information on the policies of the school.
  • Online Payment of Fee

Steps to use the Portal

To access this portal, you need a valid email address and password.

Steps to login

  • Step 1: Visit schools website
  • Step 2: Click on Login Tab at the top right corner of the page
  • Step 3: Login using Manchester’s email ID and enter the password
  • Step 4: Browse different section.
  • Step5: View and download different data uploaded

Notes about Parent Portal:

  • Windows are organized by TABS on the top of the screen. Click on a particular TAB to view and download the information it contains.
  • Always log out to protect your security and your child’s personal information.

Communication Flowchart

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