Become a career development volunteer

Become a career development volunteer

Manchester International School - ( CBSE )

- Partnering in Student Success

We welcome parent volunteerism in career development programs offered through the schools and the Manchester Center for Career and Professional Development. We have a variety of ways for you to connect with students which include visiting to campus, connecting with students virtually, or meeting students near your workplace.

Assist students in the their career and professional development:

  • Attend on-campus fairs and career counselling sessions
  • Provide informational interviews
  • Hold an on-campus or virual company information session
  • Participate in Student Career Development Programs
  • Be a mentor - Offer guidance and advice to students (on a panel, in a classroom)
  • Host an on-site field visit at your company
  • Allow students to experience job shadow in your workplace

If you'd like to become involved in career development volunteer projects, such as those listed above, please take a few moments to contact us through [email protected]