World Children's Day Celebration

World Children’s day at Manchester International School was celebrated on the 19th November 2021. The program was inaugurated by our Head of the school Mr. Rajesh Vasudevan and the Director – Special Projects Ms. Aishwarya. The day was filled with fun activities and exciting games for the students organised by the Events Team. Students from grade 6-12 of both IB and CBSE were involved in the program with great enthusiasm. The program began with a treasure hunt followed by a masquerade involving a series of games. Students were absolutely thrilled when the teachers came on stage and entertained them with various impromptu performances. The CBSE teachers threw a dazzling performance followed by rocking dance performances by the CBSE grade 12 students who kept the afternoon animated. The program came to an end with the formal cutting of the cake and distribution of sweets to the students.