What our parents say?

What our parents say?

     The choice of school you make for your child is one of the most important and most difficult.

     The views of our parents are of vital importance. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to play a part in our school's success feedback, ideas and suggestions by welcomed to ask questions like

  • How happy do you consider your son to be at Manchester?
  • What is your perception of the academic work that your son is engaged in?
  • What is your perception of the extracurricular activity that your son is occupied in?
  • In general how do you perceive the ethos of Manchester?
  • How effective do you consider the leadership of the school to be?
  • Would you recommend Manchester to other parents ?

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     “It’s great to be part of Manchester International School . Thanks to all staff for making MIS - The best International School in Tamilnadu. I just wanted to say again a HUGE THANK YOU to all". - Mr. Anand Parent of Rithul .A Grade 1


     "Ivana is pursuing her studies in Grade 3. Even though I have to send her very early morning to school which is too far in distance, I feel all of it is really worthwhile, when I listen to her practice reading with me for her recent oral tests, I feel good. Being in an international curriculum the knowledge gained by her is high. Her fluency, proficiency and confidence has improved. This credit goes to your strong team helping the little stars of Manchester International School ". - Mrs. Sherin, Parent of Ivana Grade 3


     " Manchester International School is one of the best international schools in India. The students can develop healthy habits only in the school. The syllabus is excellent. The teachers are well qualified and trained. When compared to other schools in Tamilnadu, the coaching is very nice. The school boasts of beautiful building and spacious playgrounds. MIS offers excellent coaching in arts and crafts specialties, shuttle and soccer. Food and health care is high on the agenda of Manchester International School administration and my son just adores it!!". - Mrs. Anjel Jerlin, Parent of Alden Jude Grade Ukg


     "Manchester International School’ is playing a vital role in shaping my kids prospectus future, through their parent student friendly curriculum. Their unique approach to the current trend of education provides the winning edge to the kids and to the institution. I feel proud to see that MIS has achieved so many best schools awards recently !!". - Mr. Jeevanantham, Parent of Harshan. J Grade 6


     "Earlier I was skeptical about putting my child in a day school for grade 10. It was a great decision to shift from a different atmosphere. But after experiencing the way teaching and learning progressed in Manchester International School I became relaxed. I’m very happy for my decision to relocate my child to Manchester - best school in Coimbatore". - Mrs. Suma Varghese, Parent of Joshua Varghese Grade 10


     "I recently took admission for my two daughters for Grade – 5 & 7. I can happily state that the international programme ( IB and Cambridge) taught at MIS is the best I have come across. Both my daughters have adjusted well and are academically showing great improvement. I would like to recommend  Manchester International School to other parents". - Mrs. Suchithra, Parent of Jishnu Nandh and Manu Nandh Grade 5 &7


     "I take this opportunity to thank all the teaching staff and Admissions for the smooth process of enrolling our children. Everyone has been really helpful and friendly and we feel that we have received a very warm welcome. Our daughter has made some lovely friends and everyone seems to have a smile for us. She was also delighted to see her photo and name on her book shelf on the day one. A small thing, but it made her day to feel part of the School as soon as she arrived. I hope M-kids is the best kindergarten schools in coimbatore for its incomparable infrastructure and designing". - Mrs. Padmini .N, Parent of Lichith Sai Sanath Grade UKG


     "I can say with certainty that this is hands down the best welcome and experience we have ever had with a school,  Thank you for the hospitality team Manchester International School ." - Mr. Rajkumar, Parent of  R. Adithya Grade - 4B


     "Absolutely would recommend Manchester International School to others!! Teachers are excellent and involved, and we are particularly happy with the wonderful coordinators, Ms Kavitha and Ms Sapna. Can't say how happy we are to have moved our kids to MIS! It has been a very positive experience in every way. I am so happy that our kids are in the best International School of India". - Mrs. Swathi, Parent of Sai Ganesh Grade Lkg


     " Manchester International School is certainly the best school in Coimbatore. They have huge range of teaching aids and tools. The spacious campus and fields are its main strong points. As such, I feel that it will serve as the best environment for early learners. So this is a school that has unlimited potential and I would recommend this place to my friends" .  - Mrs. Sowmiya Naresh, Parent of sunandasri Grade Lkg


     "Great location, Great English design buildings, Huge range of sports activity, IB & Cambridge board curriculum, Best Manchester International School Community, safety & a good team of teachers." what else parent will expect? Expecting soon that Manchester International School will reach the position of Top 10 International schools in India". -Mr. Ganeshan, Parent of Parent of Aadharsh Grade - 6


     "Would recommend Manchester International School because of the friendly atmosphere and parent-student-school relationship plus the wide range of activities and learning opportunities they provide for students and even for parent involvement. I wish Manchester International School to achieve greater heights in near future" - Mrs. Pooja, Parent of Sanya and Isha Grade - 8 & 6


     "The primary reason for joining the school is Quality of education MIS provides and the opportunities and wide range of activities the school has for students and parents.The housing inside the school, community, environment surrounding the school and facilities are excellent". - Mrs. Semmalar, Parent of Thirukumar Grade 7


      “We’ve been so impressed with the teachers’ attitudes and ambitions for the pupils. We really believed our children would do well here. Thank you Manchester International School management". - Mr. Lalith .M. Jain, Parent of Krishiga Grade 5B


     “They really allow children to reach their full potential, no matter what their abilities are. We’ve been very impressed with the programmes the school runs to help children – The Read Write Inc and Maths Mastery programmes have been amazing at encouraging children  to achieve at their own level. Especially, I can observe that my son's spoken language has developed lot in a short while". - Mrs. Dhanya, Parent of Advaith Grade UKG


     “There’s great emphasis on good behaviour at Manchester International School . The children know that they won’t be able to achieve their ambitions if they don’t understand the need for good behaviour. As a parent, it’s really good to know that the school prioritizes good behaviour as much as we do at home and that they reward good behaviour. Well-done Manchester International School … ". - Mr. Selvam, Parent of Bharath Grade 8


     "As a parent with a daughter at Manchester International School , and as a teaching assistant at the school ... has seen Manchester Primary Academy from both sides. She says: “My daughter loves Manchester International School . She goes to school happy at the start of the day and she leaves school happy at the end". - Mrs. Sweetha, Parent of Thaneesha Grade 2


     “ Manchester International School is a very special school. It has outstanding standards - everything from the smart uniforms to a whole lot of great after school clubs and activities. I congratulate Manchester for being one of the Best International Residential schools in India". - Mr. Rajagopalan, Parent of Aparjitha Grade 7


     “I have no hesitation in recommending Manchester International School to other parents. Communication between the school and parents is good, the school is always up-to-date with how the child is getting on, and there’s always a friendly face if parents have a question. And it is so happy to know that Manchester is awarded regularly as one of the best International Schools of India. Keep it up Manchester International School !". - Dr. Matilda, Parent of  Cliff Josh Grade 9.


     “The school has a really good, really happy atmosphere. There’s a nice buzz around the playground and older children mentor the younger children showing them how to play positively. Children are really happy here. I believe the happiness is the base of all success and Manchester International School is proving it”. - Mrs. Sathya Suresh, Parent of Sarvesh Grade 8


      “I remember that when I was a child, I was scared of some of the staff at my school. But the staff members here are all really nice and really committed to the children – they get to know the children, and they look after them. I am really happy to see that my daughter loves to go school in time...". - Mrs. Neshna, Parent of Daphne Sogaj Grade 5


     "We appreciate that Manchester International School has courage to introduce new ways to educate it’s students. First thing I wish to say is about the atmosphere which enhances their mind to learn anything with interest. Next, their methodology of "approaching to kids is very nice, with desired improvement in outcome. Your effective professional learning community has the capacity to promote and sustain the learning of all professional and other staff in school community with collective purpose of enhancing pupil learning. I am sure that learning at Manchester International School could be strong foundation stone for everyone" -Mrs. Smitha, Parent of Navneeth Nambiar Grade 5


     "Teaching methods of the school is excellent. They teach very creatively and innovatively. Giving importance to extra-curricular activities also makes Manchester International School stand ahead of other schools. My kid has gained lots of confidence in her and is very happy and enthusiastic to participate in all school activities and competitions by the encouragement and abundant motivation given by Manchester International School ". - Mr. Arumugam, Parent of  Pragalya Grade 2


     “ Manchester International School is a very good school. The school has a really good rewards system to encourage pupils – for example, when the children meet their target, the school sends home a certificate so they can share their achievement with parents. My daughter loves telling me if she becomes the star of the day. She wants to be the best she can be. I am so proud that my daughter is in best cbse school in coimbatore”. - Mrs. Poornima, Parent of Aadhithi Grade 2A


     “When I was looking at schools, I wanted to see well-behaved children, who had the sense that they were at school for a purpose. I saw that in Manchester International School and it makes me so comfortable to send my children here". - Mrs. Padmapriya, Parent of Deeptha Grade 7


     “ Manchester International School makes sure that I know what my children’s targets are and they’re well taught. The children know what their targets are. My daughter Femina is 9 years old and her reading is so far ahead she can read newspapers on her own". - Mr. Sulthan, Parent of Femina Grade 4 B


     " Manchester International School is a lovely, nurturing school with a fantastic ethos and dedicated, caring teaching staff. We have been particularly impressed by the breadth of the curriculum together with the huge range of extra-curricular activities on offer. Since joining Manchester International School , our son has discovered a passion for engineering, a talent for keyboard and an interest in philosophy which really says it all". - Mr. Kalidas, Parent of Sudhiksh Grade 8


     " Manchester International School has given our two children, what we were hoping for - smiling, happy faces and the most amazing primary school memories. In all these years we have never had a day when they have not wanted to come to school and they have even been known to be fully dressed and ready for school after the holidays.- wonderful IB -PYP school in Tamilnadu". - Mr. Madhan Mohan .C, Parent of Aashrutha and Aadharsh Grade 2& Lkg


     "My husband and I are extremely pleased with Manchester International School and couldn’t imagine our children being anywhere else.  We have confidence in the school and teachers. Our children have reached their full potential in all personal development areas. We are certain that our eldest child will be ready for her senior school of choice when she leaves this year". - Mrs. Suganthi, Parent of Ramya Grade 12


     " Manchester International School has a strong community and this is evident in the passion and enthusiasm with which events are organised and supported. It is wonderful to see new parent welcomed in a great way". - Mr. Dinesh Samtani, Parent of Bhavika. D. Samtani Grade  LKG


     "The standards and commitment of the teaching and support staff is outstanding, as a parent I feel that they know and understand my children well and support them accordingly" - Mr. R. Gothandaraman, Parent of Anjani Grade 11


     "The Coordinators and staff have created a strong sense of community for both children and parents, it is a pleasure to watch our children become fully engaged with the school, enjoy their learning and flourish." Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Parent of R.Prabanjan Grade 5 B