Reading gives us the wings to fly from our own world to another. It's human nature that when we read a book we obviously put ourselves in the story. Empathy is a quality that is much required to be inculcated in young minds.


Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship are the basis for the construction of a better world. It needs the courage to think independently and act with kindness and care for the world.

The freedom to communicate starts at home. This quote resonates with me as my childhood had refined communication. Any opinion or conversation that I start had to be predefined in such a way that the person at the receiving end perceives it to be.


Technology plays a vital role in the process of incorporating exploration, creativity, and innovation in learning.

Developing social skills in children prepares them for a lifetime of healthier interactions in all aspects of life. Social skills are critical elements to helping kids succeed socially, emotionally, personally,

7 Social skills that each child must have
Socially responsible!! Are we??

As we sail through the turbulent period of Pandemic that has introduced the world toa ‘new-normal’,

While looking for a different school, consider the reasons for change, talk to your child, take inputs from them to ensure it is a safe haven.

Topic: What parents should look for when considering a change of schools for their child?
How Gender Safe are we?

Students, irrespective of their gender must feel comfortable in a protected and secure learning ecosystem. Governments, schools, teachers and students all have a significant role

Teach children to fail! Sounds absurd right? Yes. Since the time of birth, we contrive success strategies for our children, irrespective of their aptitude and inclination.

Embrace Failure!
Social and Emotional learning – Making your child future-ready”

What do we expect our children to get from their education? Are we making them future-ready? Today we all know that young learners are experiencing a changing and more complex social world.